Franklin Comprehensive School JSS STUDENTS


At Franklin Comprehensive Secondary, our goal is to create powerful learning opportunities both  in the classroom and through a vast array of extracurricular activities. Our comprehensive approach combines an integrated curriculum and creative teaching techniques with rich, extracurricular activities.

In the classroom and in the lab, our students:

  • tackle real-world problems that inspire them to think creatively and critically
  • work collaboratively

 Our curriculum emphasizes deep learning experiences through classroom discussions, extended Science labs, problem-solving opportunities, weekly foreign language lessons.

 With our 1:1 computer program (one computer for every pupil), hands-on computer appreciation is a given. Your child will become proficient in the use of computers from an early age. Our teaching team comprises people who are passionate about their subject areas and dedicated to working with this dynamic age group.

All of our teachers hold bachelor’s degrees majorly in Education, and they are always enriching their skill sets with on-going professional development.

Outside of the classroom, teachers are mentors, role models, club leaders and our Students’ biggest fans – cheering them on and giving them thumbs up for jobs well done.

We teach character development skills as a part of the regular curriculum, engaging our pupils to develop essential character traits including kindness, respect and integrity.

During the year, students demonstrate our values of character, service, knowledge and excellence while promoting school spirit.

Our vision is that all of our pupils will learn to manage digital tools in powerful and ethical ways to meet their educational goals and further their understanding of the world. We don’t load up on technology for technology’s sake; we work hard to ensure that the most effective and appropriate technology tools are available to even our youngest students. As a result, our Students are savvy, informed, respectful technology users.

Our inquiry-based teaching approach hinges on information literacy – knowing how to find, verify, use and cite information available in print and on the Web. Computer science is integrated into the classroom, and we teach digital citizenship to our students and our parents. All of these tools are to provide our students with the resources they need to be safe, respectful and effective users of the digital world.