Franklin Comprehensive School understands the importance of giving your child the best possible  foundation for an outstanding academic career. That starts with choosing the right early education. An environment to excite, nurture and challenge children so they are not only ready for the next step but excited to get there.  Our approach is to select top teaching talent with the ability to ignite  in children of all ages a fervent love for learning that sets them apart.


Between the ages of 3 and 5, children are natural scientists, storytellers, artists and math lovers. Our curriculum channels their innate curiosity about their world into problem-solving, critical thinking and creative expression. This is achieved by emphasizing hands-on learning, intentional play and other developmental activities that are teacher directed.

By enrolling your child in our pre-school program, you will be setting them up for a successful academic experience by deepening their social and emotional development which can make a world of difference in their primary education and beyond.


Your Child will benefit from;


  • Dual-classroom environment, with one space for exploration and imaginative play and another for  traditional teacher-led academic experiences.
  • Low teacher-student ratios allowing for more individualized attention.
  • Deeper instruction and exploration in our small group specialty classes exposing children to the Arts, Music, and STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math).
  • Everything we do at Franklin Pre-school, is to prepare children to be engaged and ready for academic challenges in Primary School Education.


Among other skills, your child will learn to:
  • Demonstrate comprehension of important information in multiple ways
  • Recognize words in particular word families
  • Understand the basics of punctuation
  • Understand and verbalize sentences that combine two or three phrases or  multiple concepts to communicate ideas
  • Identify letter names and sounds
  • Draw symbolically to represent ideas so that others can understand all clearly and with correct formation

• Write numbers 1-50 clearly

• Practice describing problems and applying a variety of mathematical strategies to find   solutions

• Sort and classify objects by multiple attributes (color, shape, texture, etc.)


• Solve addition and subtraction problems by counting


 • Wait for a turn


• Show understanding of cause and effect by explaining connections

• Have an attention span of up to 25 minutes

 From music and art to science and math, our specialty classes are a truly enriching part of our



pupils’ daily schedule..

This category covers essential life skills that help your child thrive in a classroom setting and work Collaboratively with peers. At Franklin, we view it as a core focus area for kindergartners. Fromlearning to play independently and work with others to effectively communicating needs and regulating behaviour.


Among other skills, your kindergartner will learn to:


  • Show resilience in a variety of situations that become challenging
  • Recognize and understand an array of human emotions demonstrated in others
  • Show flexibility in taking turns as leader and follower during social play and assembly
  • Take the perspective of others
  • Demonstrate effective social problem solving strategies
  • Engage in collaborative, imaginative play for sustained amounts of time

We weave physical activity throughout the day to develop body awareness and motor skills. Strong brain-body connections at this age are directly related to future success with reading and writing. The more coordinated movements your child does through kicking and dancing, the better prepared he/she is for fine motor activities, reading and writing.

Among other skills, your child will learn to:


  • Demonstrate skilful gross-motor strength and coordination
  • Show skilful use of scissors and pencils
  • Independently complete self-care routines
  • Demonstrate care for personal objects and school materials and environment