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Franklin Nursery School

We Teach in a dynamic approach

In our classrooms, every minute of the day is a teaching moment. Our approach takes into careful consideration the way children process information and new experiences.

Play way Method

At this age, playing is learning. At Franklin we call it the genius of play.”Play” can be a misleading term when it comes to early childhood education. Our teachers put into practice what early childhood research has consistently found to be true for more than 100 years that Play is the most important learning experience children can have.

We all learn best by doing … and doing again. For children, that is what playing is. After  a hospital visit for example, your child may re-enact the event by playing the role of the doctor afterwards. His brain is using this activity to process the experience, memorize actions and utilize creative thinking. At Franklin, we use play to enhance learning. It allows us to gain insight into a child’s interests andunderstanding of the world, and to build onto those understandings and interests. A play opportunity with buckets and acorns is actually a lesson in big and small and empty versus full.



Our teachers have backgrounds in a wide range of early childhood development programs. That type of diversity is what makes our program so rich. We draw from the most effective strategies and teaching methods used today.Our teachers hold bachelor’s degrees and many have various Professional certifications in Early Child Education and Jolly Phonics. They participate in professional development opportunities also to stay ahead of the latest trends in early learning. 

Every member of our teaching staff brings an in-depth understanding and appreciation of how preschoolers digest information and the skills they need. They work closely with each child to tailor our program to meet their developmental needs. We are proud of the compassion and energy they bring to our school every day. Our goal is to provide your child with a nurturing and supportive environment where he or she can grow and thrive in. Your child will enjoy an inspiring learning environment, dedicated teachers, supportive staff and ample opportunities to discover his or her passions and strengths.