About Our Primary section

At Franklin Comprehensive Primary School, we believe that academics should incorporate more than what students learn in the classroom.

Our goal is for our students to develop into well-rounded, inquisitive adults. That is why we modified the curriculum built upon deep learning in core academic subjects, comprehensive teaching techniques, diverse education experiences and rich, extracurricular activities.

Beginning in Basic 3 pupils learn from subject specialists, dedicated solely to teaching their areas of expertise. Our teachers use a variety of instructional methods to build skills and encourage critical thinking. With the support of subject specialists, teachers design classroom experiences that capture our pupils’ interests and inspire a lifelong love for learning

Franklin Comprehensive School primaryschool

Beyond our core academic classwork, our curriculum emphasizes skills that are building blocks of your child’s education:

  • Organizational skills
  • Study and library skills
  • Time management skills

Our wide-ranging programs and extracurricular activities include opportunities for artists, musicians,athletes, science lovers, history buffs, writers and all students to discover their passions.

 Our highly qualified teachers build the academic foundation of our pupils’ young minds 

Franklin Comprehensive School Basic STUDENTS